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Get Subcontracted

Get Subcontracted

Business Problem

A change in U.S. policy forced thousands of companies to bid on contracts in order to provide equipment to Medicare patients. This was an enormous disruption to the industry. The only option for companies that were not awarded contracts is to partner with a contracted company.

The problems became two fold. First, the companies that were awarded contracts may not have the capabilities to service all of the areas (or product lines) necessary to be in compliance with the terms. Second, companies that were not awarded contracts were essentially cut out of the Medicare business. Since Medicare is the largest purchaser of healthcare (on the planet), this was an enormous problem.


Get Subcontracted was created to match contractors and sub-contractors. Each would register according to their contracted status (coverage area, product lines, etc). The system would display them anonymously. It then allows for two way conversations to find appropriate matches. When two companies came to agreement it would prepare and send contracts for electronic signature.


March 1, 2016


Custom Development, Healthcare